How to Shop Smart and Drop Pounds

– Stock up on frozen whole foods. Pick up vegetables, fruits, fish and chicken in the frozen section for fast meal preparation. Check ingredients to ensure what your buying isn’t packed with preservatives.

– Consider purchasing in bulk. Bulk bins can be the most affordable place to pick up foods such as oats, nuts, dry beans, rice, spices and seeds.

– When starving, – Don’t shop. When your stomach is growling, you’re far more likely to put guilty-pleasure foods into your cart.

– Stock up when sales are on. This way you’ll reduce your grocery costs while ensuring you always have healthy food on hand.

The Bottom Line

It’s time to think about every single food item you put in your cart. If it doesn’t belong in your diet plan leave it at the store. Even if you think you’re buying a box of cookies for another member of your household, will you be able to resist having one or two? Be honest with yourself, and remove all temptations.┬áStick to the most natural food products when shopping in the grocery store by visiting the produce, dairy and meat sections, and you’ll be setting yourself up for success.


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