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How to Shop Smart and Drop Pounds

If you want to experience fat-loss or simply want to boost your overall health, one of the best decisions you can make is shop smart and only buy healthy foods. Use smart grocery shopping strategies to help you resist temptation. Learning how to shop for your health in the grocery store is the first step to […]


How to Spot a Crash Diet

You may find yourself falling for the empty promises of a crash diet if you’re looking for a fast way to lose weight. By severely restricting what you can eat, these diets are one of the most detrimental things that you could do for your overall health. Because they cause malnutrition and don’t teach dietary […]


Is there really a Healthy Sugar?

I know if you’re trying to lose a few inches off your  waist, your gut health, your teeth, and so forth then you may be trying to cut back on sugar.  This is obviously very effective for a variety of health reasons, beyond just dropping the pounds But the big problem is that sugar is VERY […]


Why coconut oil KILLS Belly Fat

There have been some very interesting studies 
about the relationship between coconut oil (or any type of 
coconut fat, including coconut milk and cream) and how it 
can affect your body fat 

and the findings may surprise you! One of the studies, which was published in the Journal 
Lipids, consisted of testing the effects of […]


4 Steps to End Nighttime Binge Eating

You may have heard the old wives tale about eating after 8 pm: Don’t do it or else the food will be stored as fat. Although that’s not true, nighttime eating is a real problem for millions of people who just can’t seem to stop bingeing before bedtime. People who suffer from night-eating syndrome (NES) […]


7 Common Mistakes that Make you Fat

As any dieter knows, there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there about diet and exercise – not all of it good. The worst part is that some of what you read can actually sabotage your weight-loss and make you fatter! Let’s separate fact from fiction and look at seven of the most common mistakes dieters make. […]


Are these 3 lies keeping you from success?

Whether you’re trying to become healthier, lose weight, improve your relationship, or trying to make more money t here are 3 lies that most people tell themselves that stop their path to success. Don’t let this happen to you! Sometimes the only things standing between you and success are a few lies. In fact, its the lies we tell ourselves […]

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