Breakfast, Feast or Starve?

As we all know breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Serving up a nutritious and delicious breakfast is a great way to control food cravings throughout the day and give your body an instant boost of nutrition at a prime time when it needs replenishment.

Breakfast is a great opportunity to provide your body with lean proteins, plenty of dietary fiber and a high dose of antioxidants. Let’s have a quick peek at planning the right breakfast so that you make the most of this meal every morning.

– Breakfast should account for 25– 30 % of your total daily calorie requirements. Make sure that you are eating enough quality protein, whether from lean meat, fresh eggs, beans or even protein powder.

– Factor in prep time. How much time do you have available first thing in the morning to prepare your breakfast? If you regularly rush out the door in the morning, find breakfast options that take 10 minutes to prepare, not 30.

– What will fuel your daily activities? Maybe you need an extra dose of carbs in the morning for energy to run errands, or vegetables and fruit will suffice since you spend your day at the office.

– Keep your personal taste preferences in mind. Which foods will you look forward to eating to ensure that you do actually take time out for breakfast? This one seems obvious, but many dieters make the mistake of forcing in foods that make them grimace.


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