Avocados – Eat Fat to Burn Fat

* Safe Appetite Suppressant

Yet another way that avocados can help you lose weight is
because they help you feel full and stay full longer. The
fat and nutrients in avocados signal the brain to stop
looking for food because it is getting all it needs.

They also contain excellent amounts of dietary fiber,
which keeps you full longer and promotes good digestion.
Because the fiber is harder for your body to break down
than sugar, you’ll be satisfied for longer.

* Support Heart Health

Including avocados in your diet promotes cardiovascular
health and reduces the risk of stroke. The plant-based
fats contained in this unique fruit reduce cholesterol,
stabilize blood pressure and regulate heartbeat.

When your heart is pumping blood smoothly, the factors for
stroke decrease as well. By reducing cholesterol, arteries
remain free-flowing rather than clogged with fats.
Avocados will keep your body functioning as a well-oiled

* A Beauty Secret

The protein content and levels of healthy fats make
avocados one of the most delicious beauty secrets out
there. They have been used topically for facial masks at
the spa, but consuming them may be more beneficial as a
beauty treatment.

People who eat avocados report shinier hair, healthier
nails and more beautiful skin. And the benefits don’t stop
on the outside. This superfruit can also enhance brain
function, improve joint movement and increase your libido.

It is easy to see why avocados should be a huge part of
your diet. Eat fresh slices on a salad, or spread the
creamy fruit on a sandwich instead of cheese or mayo. Add
a wedge to your morning smoothie, or make savory guacamole
for a happy hour snack.


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