Avocados – Eat Fat to Burn Fat

* Source of Quality Protein

Your body loves the protein found in avocados. Meat and
dairy are much harder to digest, making the plant-based
protein of an avocado, about 3 grams per serving, more
readily available to your body than cooked meats.

It is so easy to replace the undesirable fat sources in
your diet with fresh, delicious avocado. Most people who
switch to a plant-based diet who consume one or two
avocados per week report that they do not miss animal

* Fat is Good for You

When you think of fruit, you probably think of pure sugar
and fiber. But avocados are almost entirely fat. However,
the monounsaturated fat in an avocado can actually help
you burn excess body fat!

A serving of avocado, about 1/4 of one fruit, contains 25
grams of heart healthy fats. The fat is cholesterol-free,
and when enjoyed in moderation, can be a wonderful
replacement for more harmful fats.

* How Avocados Burn Fat

Although avocados contain fat, research suggests that our
bodies will burn this type of fat more quickly than
saturated fats. Because the fats found in meat and dairy
products are denser and harder to burn, they are more
likely to be stored for later use.

Your metabolism can also be boosted by the monounsaturated
fats in avocados. When your metabolism speeds up, the
amount of calories that you burn increases, even in
between your trips to the gym.

Avocados also contain an important amino acid,
L-carnitine, that helps the body metabolize fat naturally.
It can increase energy production in addition to
protecting the heart by keeping cholesterol levels in


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