5 Essential Foods For Bone Health

There’s only one caveat with this one – you need to eat
the bones. Much of the calcium found in canned salmon is
found in the thin bones contained so don’t remove them
when you’re preparing dinner.

Fortunately, the bones will hardly be noticeable when the
meat is mixed with other ingredients so most people
shouldn’t have a problem with this.

In addition, salmon is also a very good source of omega-3
fatty acids and contains all the vitamin D that you need
in a day.

5. Spinach

Finally, if you’re a vegetarian or just someone who is
looking to keep their calorie intake down, spinach is a
must-have food for strong bones.

Spinach is not only far richer in nutrients than lettuce,
but it’s also a great source of calcium, iron and vitamin

These three nutrients will work together to make sure that
your bones stay as healthy as possible, helping to reduce
the risk of stress fractures or other breaks.

If you are not getting these five foods into your diet on
a regular basis, now is definitely the time to work them
in so you can prevent future bone-related health issues.


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