5 Essential Foods For Bone Health

The biggest mistake so many people make with regards to bone health is waiting until it’s too late to take action. They suffer a stress fracture only to find out from their doctor that they have a very brittle skeletal system, and  by this point, the damage is done.

It’s much harder to repair and help bones maintain integrity once they are already in that weakened state. Do what you can to promote stronger bones while they’re still healthy. In other words, prevention is the best medicine.

What you eat on a daily basis is going to have a significant influence on your bone health. By getting your  diet down properly, you can ensure that you are doing your  best to support your skeletal system.

Let’s take a look at five essential foods that you should  be eating that will help foster strong bones and ensure  that you can lead the active lifestyle for years to come.

1. Greek Yogurt

The first great food to be eating for proper bone health
is Greek yogurt. Most people are already aware that
consuming calcium-rich foods will go a long way towards
promoting bone strength.

Another reason though that you should consider adding
Greek yogurt in particular is that it’s also a great
source of vitamin D, which is another nutrient that’s
vital for strong bones.

Vitamin D works with calcium to maintain the proper
integrity of the bones so you need to make sure you aren’t
falling short in it either.

Vitamin D is made naturally in the body when you’re out in
direct sunlight, but many people don’t get enough sunlight
each day to meet intake requirements.


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