3 Terrible Breakfast Food Choices

3 Really bad breakfast food choices:


Here are 3 of the absolute worst foods you can possibly 
eat in the morning (of foods that a lot of people choose 
as breakfast foods anyway)


Most store-bought muffins are giant, which means they can 
sometimes contain over 600-700 calories that have 
absolutely NO protein or healthy fats to keep you feeling 
full and satisfied.


Would you sit down and knowingly eat FOUR slices of bread? 

Well, MOST bagels have the equivalent of four servings of 
bread, which will quickly convert into sugar making you 
store fat and feel lethargic in no time.


Over-the-counter cereals are, by far, one of the worst 
foods for your waistline and your health. 

The majority of over-the-counter cereals are empty 
calories, simple carbs and sugar, cleverly disguised as a 
healthy breakfast. 

There are a few rare exceptions but I 
NEVER eat cereal when I’m trying to get leaner.

If you wake up and eat ANY of the above 3 foods to start 
your day its like being stung by a bee. 

Seriously, they’ll make you literally swell up, while 
making you feel fat and bloated the entire day. 

They also FORCE your body to depend on sugar all 
day instead of burning fat.

Do yourself a favor and start the day with protein and have an egg and a glass of vegetable juice and you’ll not only have energy but burn fat all day long.

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