3 Raw Foods for Maximum Nutrition

Everyone seems to be going raw, leaving you  wondering if it’s just the latest fad but there is a lot of evidence out there
to support eating a healthy diet. While a strictly raw diet may not be the answer for everyone, certainly all of us could benefit from eating a
few more veggies. Increased energy, better mental clarity, and vibrant hair, skin and eyes are just a few reasons to try to squeeze more fresh ingredients onto that plate of grilled chicken.

I don’t need to remind you about this, do I? You already know that “real” food is better for you than fast food. Yet you only venture into the produce department as far as the banana display and can’t tell a rutabaga from a radish . Microwave dinner wins again!

Maybe you’ve tried to serve tofu burgers with sprouts, but no one would even come to the dinner table so you decided that it wasn’t worth the effort. You wish you and your family could eat healthier, but it’s just too hard. Or is it?

What if you could prepare delicious raw foods that everyone will enjoy? I have been feeding people all my life, and over the years I have developed a sense of what even the pickiest of eaters will and won’t go for. I can even get kids to like tofu!

So I’ve got three amazing raw salads to share with you that are tried and true. These dishes are packed with nutrients, each delivering more than just flavor. No one even minds that they are outrageously good for you because they are that appetizing.

Green Power Salad 


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