3 Great Energy Boosting Foods

The vast majority of the population turns to stimulants instead of looking to whole foods for invigorating energy. If you change your diet, you can avoid the excess caffeine and over-hyped supplements.

Stimulating foods such coffee, sugar and energy drinks actually fatigue your body in the long run. Sure, they give you a quick jolt of energy, but then their real effects are felt as they wear down your adrenal glands, disrupt your blood sugar, and create a huge crash after the initial high. Essentially they are drugs.

Instead of searching for miracle energy foods your goal should be to eat a well-balanced diet. To help you get started, here is a list of some my favorite energizing

* Wheatgrass – If you haven’t tried wheatgrass then you’re missing out on some big-time energy and nutrition. Growing it and juicing yourself can be a bit of a pain, but you can easily get a “shot” at most health food stores or juice bars.

* Raw cacao (nibs or powder) – And incredible source of magnesium and antioxidants, these pack enough energy to give me a natural high that can last for hours, like from coffee and caffeinated beverages but without the crash.

* Goji berries – Packed with antioxidants and polysaccharides that improve cell-to-cell communication, these are delicious when combined with raw cacao nibs.

Remember that although these foods provide incredible nutrition, they are the like the healthier version of coffee and other quick fixes. That means they are best
consumed in small quantities and without filler ingredients.


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